Atilla “The Hun”????



Most Americans would’ve guessed that the cowboy boot originated from Texas. However, Atilla “The Hun” and his barbaric nomads were the first to sport the Hunnic Cowboy boot in the 4th centiry. It’s somewhat of a mystery as to whether “The Huns” stole the boot design from the people of Bhutan or whether it was an original Hunnic boot style.

The original Hunnic Cowboy boot boasted a 2 inch heel with a pointed toe in order to offer a more comfortable ride in a stirrup and heel. Maybe comfort was important to the barbarians as they crossed into the territories of Western and Eastern Rome to wreak havoc.

When the Spainards came to the “New World”, the very first North American Cowboy boot was born in Mexico.

The Cowboy boot had practical uses for “The Huns” and still has a place in the hearts of real and urban Cowboys. The Cowboy boot always makes a statement that says “I’m no barbarian, but I’m in charge”!

Photography by Cornell Reese


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