Open Your Pockets!!!!


A little known fact about the three pockets, found on the outside of a man’s suit jacket, is that the smaller right upper pocket is a British design detail called, the Ticket Pocket. It was introduced in the late 1850’s during the Industrial Revolution, and it was originally used to store train or railroad tickets in casual sports jackets.

The original use of the pocket may be dated, but the pocket can be used in 2015 for carrying business cards, light change, or cell phones.

Today’s man may not be using these pockets to hold their railroad tickets; however, a man wearing a sports jacket with a ticket pocket says a lot of about his high style IQ!

So, why are these ticket pockets and most other pockets (coat, suit, jacket, or pants) sometimes sewn shut? They are sewn shut so that the shape of the pocket is not destroyed in the process of trying on the garment before a purchase.

Does it bother you that you can’t open some of the pockets on your clothing? Go to your closet, grab that jacket with the closed pocket, pick the thread holding it closed, and voilà! OPEN POCKET!


Photography by Cornell Reese


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