Too Old to be Distressed?

Distressed Jeans

Walking Down Memory Lane with Distressed Jeans

By The Rebirth of Style

German immigrant, Leob “Levi” Strauss, introduced us to the first blue jean. Distressed jeans hit the scene in the 1970’s.

The 80’s bought them back in the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal era, and the 90’s and 2000’s bought them back AGAIN for the Grunge era. In 2014, the distressed jean came back on the scene.

If you were born in the 70’s, and you’ve strutted in your ripped and distressed jeans in 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, and now 2015…..should you act your age and wear some “Mom” jeans or say “I look good in my jeans” and own your sexy?

“The Croc Peplum” by T.R.O.S.

Photography by Cornell Reese


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