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I am a Native Washingtonian in the Washington DC area. My love for fashion is deeply routed in seeing my parents and family members get dressed for Friday nights and special after five events.

When I was a little girl, I had several dolls but one doll was my very very favorite. I used to make clothes for my bear, named Jo-Jo. I remember one day I lost Jo-Jo at school and I made my father take me back to the school after it had closed for the day.  We searched and searched, and finally I was able to locate Jo-Jo.
The interesting thing about Jo-Jo was that he was not a “Barbie” doll. He was a bear. So, his proportions were very much out of the norm for the normal clothes that were sold for dolls.
Several years ago, I started purchasing tailor made shirts, dresses, and pants from a local designer because I was tired of the clothing designs being offered in the market. I was so at awe with the art of fashion that I began to sew and make my own clothing soon after.
Fast forward to now, consumers are constantly reminded that their bodies proportions don’t fit into”society’s” cookie-cutter beautiful, pretty, or sexy images. Today’s fashions leave something to be desired often times and the expense seems outrageous.
When I started to brainstorm on what I should name my brand, I thought about the fashion worn by legends like Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor, Diahann Carroll, Audrey Hepburn, Josephine Baker, Billy Dee Williams, Hugh Grant, Harry Belafonte, and Sean Connery.
In my opinion, today’s ready-to-wear fashion is lacking class and so many people struggle with what to wear, where to buy what looks good on them, and how to stay current with fashion.
I started the blog for The Rebirth of Style because I wanted to bring fashion to everyday people who want to know about style and give the world ideas about how and where to wear clothing that makes them feel classy, sexy, and unforgettable when they walk in a room!

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